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Madrid - ⛄️ Winterwonderland ⛷

Well, it didn't happen in the last 50 years they say. We had more snow than most people can remember in Madrid, and somewhat predictably, it was (and at the time of me writing this, still is) pretty chaotic. Sadly, because Madrid is poorly prepared for such a winter storm, with more than half a meter of snow and temperatures substantially below zero, people got hurt and substantial damage occurred.

I still couldn't fight my urge and need to exercise, so I went for a few runs to Casa de Campo. Noteworthy that I had to run there, because some of the roads, especially those in front of our place, are too icy to drive.

In addition, I used the opportunity to do some "Nordic Skiing" in the middle of our neighborhood, Valdemarine, with the roads being covered in snow.

This blog is therefore less of an advice write-up because quite frankly, I don't expect this to happen again in the next decade, so all my "insight" on what roads to ski on will most likely be worthless. Instead of Strava links, I created 2 nifty videos with Relive, and I will use this blog post more as a memory for myself. Hope that's cool :)

The above starts at home and then heading through the neighborhood to Casa de Campo. As you hopefully can see in the pics, after the heavy snow, the trails are completely covered, and only a small trench had been created by previous runners and hikers. It is incredibly painful to see that many of the trees are severely damaged, and it will take weeks to clean up, and much longer to restore.

And then the somewhat funny exercise of skiing on roads in my neighborhood.

Hope everyone in Madrid made the best of the chaos.

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