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About Me

Who is Running Here?

Hi there,

my name is Maex. For the last 3 years I live in Madrid with my wife and two daughters. We moved to Spain from San Francisco, California, where we spent the decade before. I started running pretty late, in my early fourties, which supposedly gives me an advantage joints- and bones-wise. I am not convinced this is true.

My job makes me travel a lot, which means I get to run in different countries, although most of my runs are in Spain, specifically around Madrid for obvious reasons. I finished two marathons here in Spain, and decided now to kick it a notch up and try to get fit on trails and, if my body lets me, longer distances.

I decided to start writing about running in Spain cause it is actually not that easy to figure shit out here if your Spanish is as bad as mine. There are amazing trails I am discovering, so I hope some of those you'll enjoy.

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