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I Just Love Portugal

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

A few months ago, I had a few hours to kill while being stuck around Porto's airport. I just picked a spot 15 minutes drive at the coast and had an extremely enjoyable run.

I parked right at Praia de Funtão with lots of spaces. I am not sure how the post-covid summer months will be, but I was almost alone on the parking lot. From there, just run along the beach. I picked north, but I have a hunch that south would have been great too! The trail is a mix of wooden planks and some asphalt, super easy to run. The coast is stunning and wild, and the run is (obviously) flat, except for some stairs that cross a rocky patch. I ran until the edge of Vila Chã, where I took the picture below. Great run, great beach. As I said, I just love Portugal.

Vila Chã before the rain


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